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The Book Rescuers F.A.Q.

How does your service work?
We come to your library at your convenience and collect all the books that you have withdrawn from your shelves during weeding for disposal. We sell your unwanted books online to raise money for both your library and our charity partner the African Children’s Educational Trust (A-CET).

Are there any charges?
No, our service is completely free of charge.

Do you take all withdrawn material?
We take all your surplus books for disposal to ensure our service is as easy as possible for you. We can usually arrange for journals to be recycled.

Do withdrawn books need to be sorted or prepared in any way?
No. Our service is straight forward. It would be helpful if books can be marked as withdrawn, but we do not require it. Library labels do not need to be removed.

What happens to the books you collect?
Books we collect are sold on a number of online marketplaces with a percentage of every book sold being donated to the African Children’s Educational Trust (A-CET). We ensure that any books that are not saleable are either donated to charity or recycled. No books are disposed of
in landfills.

How often will books be collected?
It is up to you – we can offer on demand collections or regularly scheduled ones.

Can you pay us for our books?
Yes, we offer excellent commission rates to libraries for every book sold. Please contact us for further details.

How long have you been in operation?
The Book Rescuers have been assisting libraries with the recycling and disposal of their book withdrawals since 2003. Our professional reputation is built on our excellent service.
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If you did not find the answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us.